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How to brief your designer

These ten simple points will help you to plan ahead and provide all the information we need in order to create a design that meets all your objectives.

1. Put the brief in writing! You should do this even if we will be talking through the job together. With your brief in writing, there is less chance of any misunderstandings as the job progresses. If we meet to discuss your brief, we will put the final brief together in writing and submit to you for approval.

2. Make sure the brief includes everything you require to be included in the final artwork, from content to colours or style. This will avoid last minute panics and rushed redesigns. 

3. You know your business really well, but we might not be quite so familiar with it. Providing us with a summary of what your company does and letting us know your business goals will help us to understand what you wish to achieve. Equally important is information about your competitors, and how your company distinguishes itself from them.

4. Know your audience, and what they usually respond to. This information will help us to target the design accordingly and create a campaign that will deliver maximum impact. How do you want your audience to feel? Do you hope to generate new buyers, or solidify the loyalty of existing customers? Think carefully about the message you intend to put across.

5. If your campaign has a number of selling points, put these in order of priority so that we are aware of your company view from the beginning.

6. How will your product be distributed? Even in the early stages it is important to consider whether any aspect of the design could have an impact on how you get your message out. For instance, if you have existing packaging or dispensers, your product size might not be flexible. 

7. If you have branding and design guidelines that must be adhered to, please let us have a copy at the start. We don't need to know precisely what you want your new design to look like (we’re designers, we will be able to work that out!), but it can help us to 

know how you want the design to make your audience feel. If you have your own copywriter, it may be useful for us to have direct contact to ensure the design and copy complement each other. If not, and you need some help, please also talk to us about our copywriting services.

8. The all important budget. We can only tailor your campaign to your budget if you tell us what it is! No company has a bottomless money pit to dip into, so however big or small your budget is, let us know at the outset, so that we can discuss how to make your desires fit your pocket.

9. Be clear about when and where the final product needs to be delivered. We can then prepare schedules to ensure that there is is sufficient time to develop and produce everything on your business shopping list. 

10. Avoid last minute changes - leave enough time in your schedule for getting the design signed off by everyone who needs to approve it.

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