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Our business policies and standards ensure constant quality and a consistent service. Please take the time to read our statements and business policies when considering appointing MediaTribe as your creative agency.

Our client care policy

We are committed to the following to ensure exemplary client care:

We are honest with our clients about what is achievable.

Our clients are treated with respect, courtesy and understanding and we regularly ask our clients for their opinions about our services.

Constant client contact ensures that our clients are always prepared for the next stage in the production cycle.

Client confidentiality will be respected and information will never be passed to a third party.

Our employees and associates are highly trained and competent to deliver our services.

We ensure that information about our services is readily available.

Full information about MediaTribe can be obtained on request.

We will respond to all communication promptly.

Any complaints will be investigated thoroughly.

We continually assess what our clients say about us.

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media tribe main content header
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